Juno’s Story

One brave grandma, dad’s car and a recipe with a twist. The spirit of daring originality has always guided Juno’s. Right from the time our intrepid grandma travelled to Italy in the 1960’s and discovered a fascination for the way pizza was made. She returned home to experiment with the techniques she learned, adding her own special twist. What resulted was a flavourful and uniquely Indian pizza. And India’s first pizza delivery service, opened way back in 1974.

Grandma’s pizza had a taste that made us the most popular kids in school. Our friends would ensure it was gone as quick as it could come out of her oven. The combination of handmade, small-batch crusts, combined with her special sauce and the finest toppings, produced a taste we knew we had to share with the world.

After years of successfully running her pizza delivery, grandma finally shut it down. But as they say, you can’t keep a bold idea down. When the time came to open our first store, we swore to honour her spirit. We didn’t have enough money to hire delivery boys, so we delivered pizzas ourselves in dad’s car. We even dedicated ourselves to being pure veg in grandma’s memory, though it went against everyone’s advice.

Our first customers were friends and family. But sure enough, the word spread – to our friend’s friends, and further across the city. Everyone agreed Juno’s tasted great – light, wholesome, flavourful – in short, unlike any other pizza out there.

From a taste that we dreamed about through childhood, to a pizza place with thousands of loyal fans, Juno’s has come a long way. But it still tastes the same as it did, hot from that oven, 30 years ago. After all, quality is something you can taste.

What sets up apart?

1. We took the junk out of fast food.
Who says pizza needs to be junk food? Take one bite of our pizza and you’ll agree – it’s hearty, wholesome, crisp and delicious. After all, it’s made from fresh tomatoes, blended into our special sauce, and pizza dough that’s fermented every night. Eat to your heart’s content and something really amazing happens: unlike junk food, you don’t feel heavy and sick inside. When you make pizza with heart, there’s no room left for junk.

2. This is a place for honest ingredients. And people.
Using sub-standard ingredients. Misleading customers. Cutting corners on preparation. These are some of the things we will never do. At Juno’s we reject processed ingredients, preservatives and factory-style cooking processes, and go back to the roots of pizza – the best, freshest ingredients, no preservatives or colours – that produce a taste everyone loves. Food that everyone, from kids to adults and older folks, can feel good about eating. Because even though sometimes doing the right thing is harder, in the long run it’s what keeps us and our customers happy.

3. We have a secret. It’s in the sauce.
Some say the secret to Juno’s unforgettable taste is in the sauce. An original recipe that’s made fresh every day, with the finest ingredients and a blend of 4 secret spices. No mass-produced pizza sauce can match up. Or combine so well with our hand-stretched crust and special blend of cheeses. Aren’t some secrets just delicious?

4. It’s better to do a few things really well, than many poorly.
At Juno’s we’re very picky about what we put on our menu. Only a few things are good enough to pass muster. Our menu has a choice of only a few carefully chosen pizzas, pasta, and beverages that taste great – although most of our customers keep ordering their personal favorites over and over. As they, say less is more.

Destiny of Dough!

It starts every night, where the little flour is mixed with all natural ingredients and a little love. It’s then tucked in to rest overnight for a secret number of hours, until it’s hand-crafted every morning in small batches.

A single crust takes more than 9 hours to be made. That’s right, you could reach London by plane and our dough won’t be ready! We like to think our dough has it’s own destiny. Quite literally!

We take care to never freeze our dough ensuring the freshest possible taste in every bite. In a polluted, stressed out world the last thing we need is “fast food” that make us feel run down, lethargic, out of sync, and just ‘blah.

Vision & Mission


To seek people who want to make a difference in everything they do.


To commit to serving quality products in the cleanest environment.


To contribute to business goals through continuous improvement.


Ramanauj Verma

Ramanauj Verma

Assistant Manager – People and Organisational Development