SINCE 1974

Delivering Quality Vegetarian, Vegan, Jain and Gluten-free Pizzas.



Serve only 100% Natural Dough and Sauce made fresh every morning

Did you know: your multinational pizzerias make their pizzas with scary stuff like sodium benzonate, xanthum gum, artificial waxes, synthetic glazes, and improving agents. Maybe that's why you have to consume it within 30 minutes!  

Juno's pizza recipe was created in 1974 by our Grandma for her grandchildren. She used only real food she found in her home kitchen. When we started Juno's, we promised her we'd stay true to her original recipe (and do so to this day). 

Whether it's your cheat meal or weekly family fix, you and your loved ones can enjoy Juno's knowing we will always be quality and Granny approved!



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